Book a Deluxe Tea at Mrs. Muir’s House.


Deluxe Tea is our way to offer a special event for a smaller group in a relaxed and cozy setting.   Deluxe tea is for two to eight people.

It takes a little extra preparation, ingredients, and planning for the Deluxe Tea.   We therefore require they be purchased in full AND reserved a week in advance of the visit.

 Note: an automatic %18 gratuity is applied at the time of purchase.


A low Gluten option:

This option requires extra shopping and adaptations. 

There is an additional charge of $5.00 for each low gluten serving. 

There are some gluten free options for this menu BUT not all items have an equivalent or can be exchanged.

We can provide a fresh baked gluten free scone and a gluten free cucumber sandwich.

The Victoria sponge, the cinnamon bread, shortbread and the spinach tortillas are not available as gluten free.

We would need to know how many guests need the gluten free option so we can plan the prep before your event.  Please be specific in your count when you request.