Welcome to my little corner of Historic Port Gamble!
The moment you walk through our door you find yourself in a world of wonderful scents from our wall full of hand-blended teas that I create on site to delicate scent of our locally sourced soaps to the delicious scents of our candles each in their own old fashioned candy jar so you may enjoy them one by one.
My love of British tea has me searching for new treasures to add to the collection of Jams, Marmalades, Lemon curd and shortbread cookies and a huge collection sweets. We also have dozens of tea steepers, tea pots and even tea infused chocolate bars along with British gifts.
As you wonder through our many rooms each with their own theme from our Harry Potter one complete with brick wall and 9 3/4 sign to the fireplace with Sirius Black to our Crystal room that dances with light and hundreds of tumbled, raw and cut stones to choose from.
We also serve a cup of any of our loose teas you can enjoy while you shop so stop in today and discover this treasure that is a labor of love and is like a mini vacation.